How do we save you money?

How do we ensure affordability on our products?
It begins with the belief that your skill, not your wallet should determine your performance. We work very hard to find and provide affordable yet quality products, but sometimes, that's a difficult balance to strike.
Here's how we do it.
1. Honesty. Simply put, we settle for lower margins and pass the savings onto you.
2. Grassroots. We list small brand products and sell them to you for their real, material costs.
3. Creative saving. An example is our shipping scheme. We ship from overseas and are thus able to reduce costs. This is why shipping times take 2-4 weeks in some cases, but ensures that quality gaming peripherals are available to everyone for an affordable price.
But I also need your help. To get our cause out to everyone, we need your support. A share can go a huge way to helping get mission out to everyone.
Happy Gaming!
The EquiGaming Team